A Healthy Christmas at Quality Pharmacy

A Healthy Christmas at Quality Pharmacy

Quality Pharmacy at Burwood Heights Shopping Centre is a one-stop shop where customers can get all they need to stay fit and healthy over the Christmas holiday period and beyond.

With the recent recommencement of all our health services, including sleep apnoea services, bone density screening, advanced wound management, medication reviews, blood pressure checks, MyDna simple genetic testing and personalised health advice, along with medication packing to suit your needs.

Quality Pharmacy also offer influenza immunisation as well as the whooping cough immunisation.

Besides prescription medicines, health related products and medical equipment and home care aids, there’s a selection of sunscreens for all ages and skin types along with polarised sunglasses to help protect you in summer.

If you’re stuck for the perfect little gift Christmas stocking, then Quality Pharmacy is also the place to shop.

They have an excellent range of fragrances for women and men as well as essential oils, scented candles, diffusers, and vaporisers by le desire.

The long-established business, headed up by managing pharmacists Tam and Hamsa and Bianca in Retail, supported by a friendly and helpful staff, Quality Pharmacy’s aim is to offer the best health care solutions and customer service for the community.

Quality Pharmacy is located at Shop 40 Burwood Heights and is open daily from 8am to 8pm except public holidays.